GMR Core Services

Consultation on experimental study design and genomic/molecular data analysis

  • Match investigators with experts on the GMR Core panel to review experimental design
  • Facilitate discussion between investigators and the staff members of various campus cores providing genomic and molecular services.
  • Engage experts on the GMR Core panel to guide data analysis as needed.

Biospecimen storage and management

  • Provide storage of biospecimens in a secure environment.
  • Maintain the inventory of biospecimens for easy retrieval for experimental studies.
  • Monitor the amounts of biospecimens available in each sample collection.

Facilitate processing and study of biospecimens

  • Construct a laboratory information management system (LIMS) specifically for the PREMIER Center.
  • Track each sample being processed in various campus cores.
  • Distribute samples to campus cores as directed by the investigators.
  • Direct movement of sample and experimental data to the IB Core for further analysis.