Integrative Bionformatics Core


The Integrative Bioinformatics (IB) Core provides researchers with access to a full range of services to facilitate successful study design, data analysis and integration for basic, translational, and clinical research studies in rheumatic disease.  The IB Core uses a data-driven approach to advance precision medicine in rheumatology by offering services in study design, molecular omics data analysis, leveraging publicly available datasets, integrating molecular and clinical data and facilitating data dissemination.



Specifically, the IB Core will:

  1. Provide analytical consulting services in study design, data analysis and data integration with public datasets in order to advance precision medicine in rheumatic disease research.
  2. Develop novel tools, software and analytical pipelines for the integration, annotation, analysis, retrieval, and presentation of data from clinical and molecular studies of rheumatic diseases.  As a result of this aim, we will furthermore establish and maintain a technologically up-to-date toolset that can be readily used for systems-level analyses of the data.
  3. Integrate molecular and clinical data and leverage collaborations between the GMR and HSCP Cores and facilitate integrative computational analysis for a wide range of clinical, translational and basic research studies to enable precision medicine in rheumatology.
  4. Provide centralized data management and storage including assistance in dissemination of data for P30 associated projects.
  5. Assemble a panel of experts with extensive experience in biostatistics and bioinformatics tools who can provide further input and guidance for design, implementation, and analysis of data related to Center rheumatic disease projects.