Pilot for Established Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences


Project Award Amount $50,000

Funder-specific eligibility requirements:

PREMIER (Precision Medicine in Rheumatology) is an NIH/NIAMS funded Center at UCSF with the overarching goal of facilitating and enhancing precision medicine studies in rheumatic diseases. All applicants for pilot grants must be members of the Center. All UCSF faculty are eligible for membership, please apply through the PREMIER website by following this link:  http://premier.ucsf.edu/content/request-membership. Established investigators should clearly address in their proposal: 1) How the project is expected to advance precision medicine in rheumatic disease; and 2) How the project differs from or extends their ongoing research.

Background on individual funding agencies

The PREMIER Pilot/Feasibility grants are intended for projects that are translational in nature with studies focused on advancing precision medicine in rheumatology. Projects related to all types of rheumatologic and/or human autoimmune diseases will be considered. Projects should utilize human samples or show direct links to rheumatologic/autoimmune disease in humans. PREMIER consists of 3 Resource Cores (HSCP: Human Studies and Clinical Phenotyping, GMR: Genomics and Molecular Resources, and IB: Integrative Bioinformatics). You must use a portion of your funds in at least one of the Cores, although use in more than one Core is encouraged. For more information on our Cores, please follow the embeded links or those on top of this page. We encourage all applicants to contact us by filling out a Service Request form after becoming a member.  Please indicate in your message that you are planning to apply for a RAP grant.  Alternatively, email us at premier.ucsf.edu. Center personnel can assist with your proposal.

Specific funder budget constraints:

PREMIER cannot fund any international projects or expenses. In the budget, you will need to outline how funds will be spent in Core(s). To obtain an estimate regarding Core usage, please use the request services form on the PREMIER website and enter RAP grant proposal in your request.  IACUC and IRB approvals letters, and evidence of human studies training (if applicable) need to be provided for timely release of project funds.