CDI Core Services

Consultation on human subjects study design, data collection form development, outcome measures, and research ethics for basic, translational, and clinical studies

  • Preliminary project review and consultation
  • Human subjects study design consultation
  • Consultation in defining clinical phenotypes
  • Consultation on selection of outcome measures
  • Consultation on data collection strategies and data collection forms
  • Research ethics consultation for use of existing biosamples
  • Assistance with IRB applications
  • Identification of existing UCSF clinical data collections that can be leveraged for new research

Facilitate identification of human clinical phenotypes for basic, translational, and clinical studies

  • Consultation in defining clinical phenotypes
  • System-wide EHR queries to generate cohort counts by phenotype; generation of patient lists for recruitment
  • Recruitment of human subjects

Provide state-of-the-art data retrieval and management resources, including construction of electronic health record (EHR)-enabled registries

  • Data retrieval, storage, and management services
  • Shared data storage
  • EHR-enabled registry construction
  • Upload of datasets to ImmPort, a bioinformatics platform for sharing de-identified clinical and biological data

Provide coordination and resources for human subject research and biospecimen collection

  • Coordinate patient recruitment efforts through existing cohorts or EHR queries
  • Serve as a liaison between treating physicians and investigators; facilitate access to sub-specialty clinics
  • Collection of peripheral blood and other biospecimens