GT Core Services

Consultation on experimental study design and genomic/molecular data analysis

  • Match investigators with experts on the GT Core panel to review experimental design
  • Facilitate discussion between investigators and the staff members of various campus cores providing genomic and molecular services.
  • Engage experts on the GT Core panel to guide data analysis as needed.

Biospecimen storage and management

  • Provide storage of biospecimens in a secure environment.
  • Maintain the inventory of biospecimens for easy retrieval for experimental studies.
  • Monitor the amounts of biospecimens available in each sample collection.

Facilitate processing and study of biospecimens

  • Construct a laboratory information management system (LIMS) specifically for the PREMIER Center.
  • Track each sample being processed in various campus cores.
  • Distribute samples to campus cores as directed by the investigators.
  • Direct movement of sample and experimental data to the IB Core for further analysis.

Searchable Database

The PREMIER GMR Core has a searchable database of patient samples from a variety of autoimmune disease cohorts, including RA, lupus, spondyloarthritis, and scleroderma. Biospecimens vary by cohort, but can include serum, plasma, PBMCs, DNA, and/or frozen whole blood. Each stored sample is linked to basic patient demographics and phenotype data. Some of the samples are also linked to previously generated data (e.g. GWAS, methylation, sequencing). Some of the cohorts include control samples.  If you are interested in obtaining samples for your research, please complete the form by clicking here.