Access to all PREMIER Center resources and cores requires membership. Center membership is open to all UCSF faculty and trainees, and to faculty members outside of UCSF.  Applying is easy and requires only an NIH biosketch or CV and a short statement of research interest related to rheumatic disease.

BECOME A member

Full Membership is open to UCSF faculty in any series and includes:

  • Eligibility to apply for Pilot grant or Core Usage grant funding from the Center, and regular notifications regarding submission opportunities.
  • Access to Center Consultation and Resource Core Expert Panels. Members receivE a free hour of consultation with center coordinators, and up to two free hours of consultation with the core directors or expert panel members. 
  • Notification of Center updates and all enrichment activities of the Center, including the annual symposium, Resource Core workshops, and seminar series.
  • Inclusion in the Rheumatology Research Community and PREMIER at UCSF.

Associate Membership is open to all trainees, graduate students, clinical fellows, post-doctoral fellows, research staff or specialists and university faculty members outside of UCSF with interest in pursuing rheumatic disease research with the PREMIER Center:

  • Associate members are not directly eligible for Pilot grants and no-cost consultations. 
  • Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows can apply for funding and free consultation services with a Full Member UCSF principal investigator.
  • UCSF Trainees will also gain access to the PREMIER mentoring program which will support them to pursue research in rheumatic diseases.