RAP Funding Opportunities
Call for Applications will be launched on August 21, 2017

- Pilot finding opportunities for junior and established investigators
- Grants will support studies in rheumatic/ autoimmune diseases directed at advancing precision medicine
- PREMIER membership required
- Contact us through Request Services page for free pre-application guidance
Precision Medicine in Rheumatology

An NIH/NIAMS Funded Center at UCSF
Human Subjects and Clinical Phenotyping Core provides expertise in study design, clinical informatics, and rheumatic diseases to facilitate the identification and recruitment of defined patient groups for research

GMR Core
Genomics and Molecular Resources Core will provide access to biospecimens from rheumatic disease patients and facilitate access to state-of-the-art genomics and cellular molecular technologies
IB Core
Integrative Bioinformatics Core will provide expertise in state-of-the-art computational approaches required for study design, bioinformatics data analysis, data integration, and data dissemination


PREMIER will provide investigators with access to biospecimens, expertise, training, and pilot funding to advance precision medicine studies in rheumatic diseases.

UCSF is a national leader in the area of precision medicine. PREMIER, Precision Medicine in Rheumatology is an NIH/NIAMS funded Center at UCSF with the overarching goal of facilitating and enhancing precision medicine studies in rheumatic diseases. The development of innovative technologies promises to deliver tests and therapies to patients that will enable us to tailor treatment and limit side effects, however for patients with rheumatic diseases, these studies are only in their infancy. PREMIER can provide investigators with resources to enable studies that will better define rheumatic disease subgroups with different etiologies, prognoses, or treatment responses. Core resources can provide access to clinical data and biospecimens along with new technologies for cellular, molecular and genetic phenotyping and bioinformatics analyses. PREMIER aims to improve approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic disease. UCSF represents an ideal environment for the center given tremendous institutional strengths in immunology, genomics, molecular technologies, computational biology, and clinical research, and a track record of engaging both unique disease populations and racial/ethnic minority populations in clinical/translational research. PREMIER will work to attract both new and experienced investigators to investigations into human autoimmunity and support them to conduct breakthrough precision medicine studies focused on the rheumatic diseases.